How to Get a Digital Marketing Job in New York


As you may already be aware, New York City is a major hub for marketing and advertising, attracting numerous businesses and agencies in the digital marketing space. With a vibrant economy and many companies vying for top talent, the competition for digital marketing roles can be fierce.

This can make it both easier and harder for job seekers like yourself to find a role that suits you – there are many employers and even more employees. Factors such as industry demand, population density, prestige, skill requirements, experience and networking opportunities make New York a great place to secure a job in digital marketing. 

Fortunately, this can become a reality with the help of Woods & Co’s expertise in digital marketing recruitment. New York will soon be your playground as you move up the ranks and begin to benefit household names with your own unique skill set. Whether that’s copywriting, data analysis, design, web maintenance, or something else entirely, there’s sure to be a place for you in New York. 


Develop a Portfolio

In New York, the big wigs of digital marketing don’t have time to waste on half-baked part-timers. They need quality work here and now from people with experience and the confidence to present it with passion. 

Demonstrate your expertise by creating a personal website or blog where you can showcase your knowledge and insights about digital marketing. Depending on your niche in digital marketing, you could consider using social media to promote your work and show people the work you’re most proud of. 

If you’re in design, start a professional Instagram account. Followers aren’t so much of an issue as long as it presents well to prospective employers. 

If you’re a copywriter, compile a range of blogs on various topics that interest you and don’t be afraid to show a little bit of your personality in the copy. This is your chance to express yourself so that your interviewers know exactly who they’re talking to. 



You’re in the big time now – while you’re here, you should use this opportunity to make friends and partnerships with people in the know. Attend digital marketing events, webinars, and conferences to meet professionals who know their way around the industry. You never know, these connections could be your way into your dream job. LinkedIn is also an excellent platform to connect with industry peers and potential employers.


Be Open to Entry-level

You may have all the experience in the world and the portfolio to prove it, but so do 10 others all vying for the same position. If you continue to be unsuccessful in your job hunt, consider lowering your expectations and starting with an entry-level position. There’s no shame in starting from the bottom and working your way up. In fact, that’s exactly how some of the industry’s heavyweights got to where they are today. 

If you’re good enough, these entry-level positions could quickly turn into a promotion and you’ll be on your way up the corporate ladder. It’s all about getting your foot in the door and hustling hard once you’re in.


Interview Well

When you apply for a job in marketing, it’s expected that you’re able to sell yourself. Consider yourself as the product and your interviewer as the customer – you want to spruik all the benefits that make you the best person for the job. 

Dress for success, know exactly why you want the job (not the money!), and show that your values are aligned with the business.


Contact Woods & Co. 

This is the final and most important point of the lot – lean on a recruitment agency like Woods & Co to do the heavy lifting for you. We’ll consider your resume and pair you with like-minded businesses that need applicants like you. Then, it’ll be up to you to put your best foot forward – get in that door!