Finding the Right Employees

Employees are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. This isn’t ideal for many workplaces, as you don’t know whether you’ll get something sweet or sour. 

With Woods & Co, your box of chocolates will be clearly labeled to ensure they fit with your existing brand, culture and values. We tailor each box to suit the workplace; whether you prefer them a little nutty or with a sweet filling.

Most of the job agencies don’t offer such an experience and throw a bunch of employees out there, hoping one fits. At Woods & Co, we understand finding the right employees is crucial to your company’s growth and here is a list of why you shouldn’t opt for a box of no-namers.

Culture & Fit

Nothing throws off the whole team like a rouge addition. If you have a team of espressos, throwing in a mint just won’t work. It’s often the people that make the workplace. 

The same goes the other way around. Don’t sell your brand as something it's not. Some businesses lie about their caramel chocolate and place it in a pistachio wrapper to get the chocolate they believe they want. If you want to attract the right employees, you need to start from the inside. 

Many businesses don’t place emphasis on instilling a culture in their workplace, instead they embellish it. This is detrimental to your recruitment because your new employee thinks they are getting something they actually will not. 

The modern office offers snacks, incentives, lunches, Friday night drinks, activities for team building, gym memberships, a day off for birthdays, WFH options and so much more. 

At Woods & Co, we match employees to the company, providing a good fit for both the employer and the employee – build the culture to the type of employees you want.  

Driving Change

The most valuable employees are the ones that know things you don't. Employees who can add new processes to streamline your business are ideal for driving change. These talented employees increase productivity and contribute to the growth of your business. 

At Woods & Co, our candidate pool is filled with skilled workers, ready to make change for the better. Talented in their fields, our candidates can offer new ideas within management, productivity and more. 

Don’t be afraid of trying something new – it might be a flavor you never thought you would like.

Reduce Turnover with Woods & Co

We take hiring seriously so you don’t have to – leave finding the right employees to us!  Following our pillars to ensure the perfect fit every time, our hiring system is unmatched in the recruitment game. Finding the right employees keeps your turnover down and increases the overall morale of your business.  

Whether you’re a company looking for incredible employees or you’re looking for work that’s suited perfectly to your tastes, Woods & Co have you covered. Contact us today to find your next employee or a box of chocolates!