The Journey of Woods & Co

At Woods & Co, we do things differently. We offer a safe, reliable and relatable business model, attracting only the best candidates and clients into our office. We aim to feel like the older siblings you never had; here for help and advice whenever you need. 

We spread our love for good culture from the inside out. Coming from backgrounds in hospitality, events and the like, our internal staff know what makes a workplace culture great. Aiming to bring what we love about workplace culture into our placements is what makes us the best at what we do. Our journey has brought us here; an agency that delivers on where the world is headed and we want to take our clients and candidates with us.  

The Woods & Co pillars of value are what we live by to ensure our placements are long-standing and fulfilling to both the clients and candidates. These pillars are Career Progression, Job Satiation and Job Incentive. We strive in partnering with organizations that have similar values and trajectory. 

Real People with Real-Life Experience

Due to our previous experience in hospitality and the like, Woods & Co love to socialize and we take our clients for lunch, to the golf club and sometimes we just pop in for a visit to see how they’re doing. Woods & Co is relatable and that’s what sets us apart. We are real people who greet you with a smile and a coffee on arrival at our office.

Our candidates are provided with readily available answers to any questions they have and a safe and vibrant environment to deal with. We check-in constantly to ensure our clients and candidates are happy and all their needs and wants are being met. Conducting background checks on everyone ensures our candidates are satisfactory.  

Because of our real-life experience, we understand people better than most recruiters in California. We have worked among people forever, which helps us to understand our clients and candidates in an exceptionally relatable way. We have the intuition as Woods & Co recruiters, driving and thriving off human interaction and values.

Our Pillars of Value

Focusing on what’s important, Woods & Co factor in job satisfaction, culture, progression, opportunity and salary. Our values have shaped what we do and we aim to reach them with every single candidate placement. 

Career Progression

With the new wave of younger employees entering the workplace, expectations are high. People want to see a path in their career and if your company’s not offering growth or opportunities, you may be set back in which candidates come your way.

At Woods & Co, we source clients who align with our values of growth and can offer our candidates progression in their career. Our candidates want to see a future at your company and with development or upskilling opportunities, this is possible. We provide only the most motivated and willing candidates to our clients, ensuring their growth is matched with the company’s.

Job Satiation

At the Woods & Co office, no one dreads Monday morning. We know keeping our employees happy ensures more productive work. We value work-life balance and know this makes everyone come to and leave work with a smile on their face. Woods & Co encourages mental health check-ins and keeping on top of personal matters to ensure when you come to work, you’re ready to get the job done. We spread this culture through to our clients and candidates. 

Woods & Co treats our candidates just like we would our own employees. In the Woods & Co office, job satisfaction is at the forefront of our business and ensuring everyone is happy is our aim. Our candidate's job satisfaction is important to us and we will never place a person somewhere we don't think they will belong. We want our candidates to be excited to get to work on Monday morning, so we ensure our candidates' values are aligning with the companies. Want more work-life balance? We will find it. Want more autonomy in your role? Woods & Co have your needs covered. 

Job Incentive 

Salary expectations are an important factor when you’re looking for a new job and at Woods & Co we ensure the package is matched to the experience of our candidates. As the last pillar of value at Woods & Co, we know salary and incentives provided can be a make or break factor for skilled candidates. For many, little incentives such as providing breakfast or a drinks fridge can make all the difference to their day-to-day working environment. For others, the promotion of mental health may be an important factor in their decision. Assess your workplace culture to increase your pool of quality candidates. 

Contact Us Today

Continuing to bring in only the best clients and candidates, Woods & Co is continually growing. Filled with experience from all walks of life, come and have a chat to see just how relatable our team is. We back our values and our expert recruiters in sourcing only the best candidates. We ensure our clients align with our pillars of value, so contact Woods & Co today to see how we can place you in a position you will love.