The Power of Recruitment Agencies in Finding Employment

With extensive networks and exclusive access to new job ads, recruitment agencies can provide job seekers with advantages they wouldn’t usually have access to.

If you’re struggling to enter the job market, change careers, or take the next step in your development, a recruitment agency like Woods & Co may be the answer to all of your professional problems.

This article lists the reasons why these businesses can give you an express ticket to your dream job. All it takes is an idea of where you want to go, the kind of place you want to work, and a resume to suit. 

Even if your application isn’t up to scratch, our friendly team will guide you in crafting a more impactful resume and cover letter that are worth taking notice of. 

If job interviews are your issue, we’ll even give advice that’s tailored to the business you’re applying for. 

You see, we know these businesses — your future employers — like colleagues of our own. We have their best interests at heart and want to match them with applicants that are going to stick around for the long term. Likewise, we care about your future and want to match you with jobs that will keep you fulfilled and motivated. 

If this blog is enough to convince you of the power of recruitment agencies, get in touch and begin the journey to better job satisfaction. 


They’re Free!

As if you needed a better reason to contact a recruitment agency — we’re a no-commitment, no-fee, all-upside resource at your fingertips. 

Of course, you’re free to go it alone and find your dream job elsewhere, but it just makes sense to use the tools at your disposal.

This is especially helpful if you’re between jobs or yet to enter the job market and cash is something you’d rather hold onto — we get it! Everyone needs a leg up to get into the market, and we represent that first step. 


Save Time

Perhaps you’ve got the money to spend on any resource that will get you out of your current job. However, the problem may be that your current role affords you no time or energy to start job hunting, and you feel trapped in this situation.

By contacting a recruitment agency, you can outsource the time taken to read job descriptions and filter out the jobs that don’t suit you so well. 

All the while, you can focus on your current role knowing that an expert is taking care of your job hunt and they’re passionate about upholding their 87% fill rate. Okay, that figure is just from Woods & Co, but they’ll definitely want to maintain their 98% satisfaction rating — damn, that’s us too. 


Well-Matched Roles

To maintain such statistics, recruitment agencies do their due diligence to understand what the applicant and employers are looking for. This way, when a match is made and applicants land in new roles, they’ll be more likely to become a key part of their new company. 

As we said, we have everyone’s best interests at heart. If you tell us you’re looking for something more creative than your current role, rest assured we’ll be removing a whole sub-section of companies that value performance over creativity.

If you want a job with more flexible working arrangements, we’ll take pleasure in removing any companies that are strictly 9-5 office-based organisations. All so long as you’re content with the final product! 


Find Roles Before They’re Public

If you’ve had limited success trawling job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn, it’s about time you trusted the experts. 

Credible recruitment agencies come with their own networks of businesses that are often looking for new staff. We gain a strong understanding of the types of employees that suit these companies, and we keep tabs on their departures to fill roles as soon as they appear. 

This removes the need for companies to advertise jobs publicly but disadvantages job seekers who don’t use recruitment agencies. 

It’s not that we want to disadvantage these people, it’s just that we don’t want roles to be filled by people who aren’t quite so suited to them. You on the other hand — yes, you! — we’ve got the perfect position for you. 


Ongoing Support

You might think recruiters just want to turn over as many job seekers as possible and crank those numbers up for their own bosses. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! 

We take great care of our applicants and truly want the best for them before, during and after the job hunt. 

That’s right — our support extends beyond that Letter of Offer and your first day on the new job. We continue to check in with successful applicants to assure that we nailed their placement and found another strong match. This helps us to understand where we’re going right and wrong, improving future performance for future job seekers. 


Need Our Help?

If the benefits in this blog sound good to you, get in touch with Woods & Co and put your job hunt in safe hands. We’ll find you your dream job while you focus on whatever else you’ve got going on. Whether you’re in construction, hospitality, finance, IT, or something completely different, there’s sure to be a job waiting for you — yes, you!