Why a Recruitment Agency is Worthwhile for You and Your Business

Recruitment is a calculated process, backed by years of experience, expertise and industry knowledge. Many companies believe they can achieve the same results in-house but the reality is, recruitment is a lengthy, time consuming and sometimes expensive process. 

Finding the correct employee for your business isn’t as simple as matching the resume experience to the tasks required. You need to make a job ad, go through hundreds of unsuitable applications and then you may not even find a single applicable candidate.

Consultants tap into their unique resources and experience, filling the gaps that businesses lack. When searching for employees, many companies overlook things that experienced recruitment consultants see. Recruitment services take care of the process from end-to-end, saving you time, money and hassle.  

The Woods & Co Recruitment Process

Spending four years developing a dependable, streamlined system, Woods & Co are unique in their recruitment process. Through a solid vetting strategy and a personalized approach, we set ourselves apart from the rest. 

The Woods & Co team come from a multitude of different backgrounds, making us suitable to work with and understand any industry. We get to know our clients and candidates personally, ensuring they are correctly fitted to each other. Our process and our team is entirely adaptive, working to your industry’s specific needs and requirements. Brimming with experienced consultants on hand, our team has the relevant multi-industry knowledge and skills to source your ideal candidate or company.

Staying ahead of the recruitment game, Woods & Co has the insights and stats that the average business lacks. We know salary rates, available skill-sets, shortages and career expectations. Plus, we have pools of talent ready for their next exciting opportunity. 

Candidate Vetting 

Protecting our clients from bad business, Woods & Co have an onboarding and vetting process which ensures your final match is the right fit. Our team takes a hands-on approach to gather as much information about a specific role as possible. This rigorous first step is a three to four day onboarding and quality control procedure to ensure Woods & Co never suggest a candidate who hasn’t been thoroughly checked out.  

Client Vetting

Meeting the client in person helps us understand their wants, frustrations, concerns and also to build rapport. Our team will check out the working conditions, skills and requirements of these positions and workplaces to ensure the company is suitable for the candidate.  

Comprehensive Communication 

When you work with a Woods & Co expert, you’re not only getting someone packed with industry knowledge, you’re getting someone who is easy to talk to. 

Unlike other recruitment agencies, our process doesn’t stop once we’ve handed over a pile of prospective candidate files. At Woods & Co, we know that job requirements change and finding the perfect employee needs to be done correctly. Throughout the recruitment process we ensure everyone is on the same page by keeping everyone in the loop. 

With solid communication, Woods & Co gets the right candidates placed quicker. We believe our communication is a talent and one of our strongest points of difference in the industry.  

Working With Woods & Co  

With Woods & Co, you’ll experience a recruitment process that’s driven and focused on narrowing your prospective choices, finding positions and candidates that are uniquely matched. 

Our experienced consultants are trained in more ways than one and offer a unique skill set that’s suited to matching clients with candidates. We have insights which are constantly up to date with the market changes, ensuring our information is accurate. 

Whether you need a niche skill set to fit your role or want to bring someone in on a visa, our team will provide you with expert industry knowledge.  

A recruitment agency’s job is finding you the correct employee or the correct company, quickly and efficiently. Let us do the work for you so you can focus on your business. Woods & Co streamlines the hiring process by getting to know job candidates and employers alike. Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in filling or finding your position in a dependable and clear way.